The answers you seek never comes when the mind is distracted with thoughts cooked in over thinking.

It comes when the mind is still.

– Opus


The Journey Begins – Genesis


Thanks so much for stopping by The Flow of Opus!

Here it is: my first official blog post on The Flow of Opus. I’ve been waiting to launch since I thought of the concept in early 2018, but due to other commitments, I just haven’t had the time to focus on it. In fact, I’ve actually had a couple of names (which I won’t get into just yet) before finally picking and sticking to this one.

The Flow of Opus is all about finding yourself by trying new things, breaking out of your comfort zone, and conquering your fears – in whatever way that means for you. This blog will likely annoy you, frustrate you, anger you (to name but a few emotions) because this blog isn’t really for you. It’s for me. And really it’s not even for me, it’s about me. It’s about the trials and tribulations of being … well me. In other words, seeing the world through my eyes and experiences.

I’m constantly drafting and re-drafting mental blog posts and thought provoking pieces while I’m watching some bat shit crazy things go down in public or as I scroll through Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The trouble is, those blog posts hardly ever make it outside of my head. Finding the right words to say comes harder than one might think. That’s always been my biggest restraint in doing a blog. I struggle with trying to find my own voice through those moments, as one of my deepest fears in writing is sharing my work. Second to that is suffering from writers block every other day and having nothing to write about (despite the constant ramblings in my head). Third, being a habitual internet surfer, is a fear of being overly critiqued for my opinions.

So I’m going to use this blog as a training ground for practicing commitment, something I’m accustomed to but not entirely skilled at. I won’t lie to you and talk about frequency of posts, or what they’re even going to be about but be warned, I am annoying, frustrating and I’ve definitely done a lot of things that are worthy of anger. There will be some downright cringe worthy moments. Some really shocking ones. Some ridiculously absurd ones. Some that might make you hate me. But also, some pretty knock-your-pants-off and pull-at-your-heart-strings post dedications.

So that’s what this will be about. It will be rough. I’m not entirely sure it will be well written, though I’ll try. Perhaps you’ll read this. Perhaps only I will read this. I’m honestly kind of terrified my mom and boyfriend or even just anyone will read this. But still … it needs to be written. This is me. Mistakes and triumphs and crazy and wrecked and all. And I speak this truth, my truth, without shame.

Interesting as fuck, right? Doesn’t just stop there. (Also, excuse the profanity. You’ll encounter it a lot here. Hey, don’t judge!)

A little background info for the males on here…yes I am female and no, I am not single.

Anyway, I met my boyfriend on Facebook in December 2016. Funny thing is, he says he messaged me prior to this date from his old account and I completely ignored him (I have no recollection of this btw). A month later we met for the first time. Two years after that we moved in together. Now, through so many laughs, tears, memories, hardships, dysfunctional families, and most importantly emotional growth, we have our whole lives to still look forward to. We are happy, and not that fake Instagram,” blissfully” happy, because at times I want to cut a bitch. But he’s willing to learn and grow with me and honestly, that’s the best gift anyone has ever given me – to journey through this thing called Life, with me.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from the University of Namibia (yes yes, I’m from Africa, lol). I LOVE food. Food to me is the greatest gift you can give to someone. So yeah, self-proclaimed foodie over here. My accent is thick, as is my thighs and pretty much everything else about me. I enjoy memes more than I should, playing online and board games, movies and series, music, writing, arts, laughing, my boyfriend and of course, my family (daughter, brothers, mom and selected friends), who are my world. I developed boobs and a butt at a young age. I have dark natural hair and caramel features. I have a hearty sense of humor and like a good filthy or inappropriate joke (sorry mom). I’m naturally funny-ish, sometimes, and I like being around funny people. I love hearing other peoples’ takes on what they love and why it’s great, or who they love and why they think they’re the best. Whether I agree or disagree with an opinion, at the end of the day I’m always looking to soak up more knowledge.

I can’t promise if you read any of this that you’ll like me or my story or that you’ll get anything at all from it but I can tell you one thing … it won’t be boring. And maybe they’ll inspire you. I don’t know. I guess we’ll both have to find out.

Really looking forward to sharing some great think pieces and exploring all different kinds of ideas. So if you’re interested in going on an unorthodox ride, stick around and you just might find yourself on a very interesting trajectory. Until my next post, welcome and stay tuned!

With all my love,

  • Opus


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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton